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Laws of Abundance

Aug 27, 2021

As I sit in the North Country, the land known as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, steps from the beautiful shores of the inland ocean known as Lake Superior next to the Keweenaw Peninsula, I keep seeing signs and reminders about the concept of True North. 

When I lead endeavors in culture change, project management or process improvement in corporate I always tell the sponsor, the leader of the project, that we need a True North. I emphasize that if she or he does not know clearly where they want the team to end up then, well, we are not going to get that team anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much I try to get them to go somewhere, or how good of a project manager I might be - if the leader doesn’t know where we are going, then the team will not be effective in accomplishing anything.  You need to know where you are going to get anywhere. 

Project management principle #1. Just as thought precedes action - Hermetic principle #1.  It is shocking though, how frequently this concept is ignored in corporate america, (this is one of the reasons I don’t believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, as its really really hard to get a group of people to accomplish something simple together in plain sight, let alone complicated and hidden) and this is also one of the reasons I work as a consultant now instead of an employee, because I can demand that the project I am on have a purpose. And as a consultant I am not saddled with bad management & leadership and then blamed for the failure of the project that the bad manager refused to lead.  

True North is also a navigating principle. On the compass the arrow always points to True North, this is magnetic north where the north pole is on planet earth.  Birds intuitively know true north, fish know, the flows and tides and animals know it and follow it intuitively. Even Satellites/GPS/and flight systems are tuned to it (and updated regularly to stay that way) to True North.  Small aside, the magnetic north actually shifts.  The North Pole moves so GPS and computer navigational systems need to be adjusted to align with it regularly.  

But what is true north for the individual? In some ways it is not much different than a direction for  an endeavor i.e a goal, a purpose, a reason to be doing the work, or a navigational principle. If you have a True North in your life you will know where you are going and why.  And this is why it is necessary to have (and work on finding) your true north to be an abundant person.  It is part of Know Thyself - True North for the individual is your inner sense, your true calling, it is what you want to accomplish in your life.  It is your life purpose, which keeps you on track on your path of progression that is tre for you and your contract that brought you to this planet, at this particular point in the history of this group of humans.  Having a true north will keep you from languishing from wandering about your life like a window shopper.  It will keep you from being blown around like an autumn leaf in the wind.  Now, you might be saying “easy for you to say Angel. You already know your life purpose. Telling me to go find mine is not that simple or easy.”  And I acknowledge this. It is in fact NOT a simple endeavor that can be done quickly and easily accomplished.  The process and path of finding one's purpose involves personal introspection, honesty with oneself, hard work, responsibility, authenticity and integrity - and it is a long sometimes arduous and definitely uncomfortable process (one that I am definitely still engaging with on a daily). 

But it is a path that once you are on, the path of know thyself, that supports and rewards you and gives you your True North. Because stepping onto that road less traveled is in fact the road to your purpose, and thus becomes your true North. And then by having a purpose and a path to walk on and the discipline to keep moving forward on said path you will know yourself more and more and begin to feel confident in your faith and intuition that you are going the right direction thus reinforcing that you do know where you are going and then your desire to keep going will increase.  Meanwhile, as a side effect of all this you will be taking personal responsibility, becoming the agent of your life, choosing actively to live each moment and those who do this manifest what they desire in life including abundance because you will be living the abundance mindset in your life on this path. 

Author Bill George, writer of Discover your True North (a book filled with many quotable quotes, and some practical guidance) states “Don’t let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.” He’s a wise man, as your inner voice, your knowledge of yourself and choosing to go in the direction of your purpose is the single most important investment you can make in a joyful abundant life.  Mere opinion is the root of all evil and keeps so many stuck in a mediocrity snow globe shaking, jostling and settling again and again - while going nowhere. 

If you know yourself and have a true north- a purpose you will always accomplish more and rise to a point of leadership and succeed in what you set your mind to. It is another hermetic principle actually - All is Mind, the universe is mental or the principle of mentalism.  Thought precedes all action - so you must be very clear on where you are going, what is your purpose, what is your desire, what do you want in life and then your thoughts will align on this - and you will take  action that then aligns with those thoughts. As a wise friend of mine just posted on his Facebook feed recently “Most people spend more time thinking about what they are going to do on their weekend then the direction of their life.” He’s right, and those thinking about their weekends don’t have a True North (or if they do it's simply “have fun on my weekend.”) Nor are they likely feeling fueled by accomplishing their purpose in life.  They may be wandering, wondering why their bank account is so empty or why they are always chasing their proverbial tail and not getting anywhere. Worried about their dead end job and money and just wanting escape. Because they are not thinking about their life.  They do not know where they are going. They are just floating aimlessly, lost without a purpose, and have no idea even how to find it.  So as a law of abundance the process of seeking one’s True North is the answer because its the journey not the destination that will be your abundant joyful life. But if you are on the path to know thyself you are walking toward your true north and will not go astray.  Lao Tzu states “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”  For me this single step was meditation, it still is true today, if I don’t meditate regularly I start to get lost, I lose clarity and start to manifest things I don’t really want.  I get stuck in my head versus managing my mind - which meditation gives me the power to do. 

Another tool is Life Activation and energetic work.  The Life Activation session is a literal game changer using an over 3000 year old protocol and the power of ancient lineage to turn on the light in your internal house. It is an ignition switch for the engine of your true purpose.  And the great thing about it is that it is alchemy - it works on anyone and everyone and you just have to show up to the session.  The rest of your life after the activation is about seeing the results and using the spark it gives you to start living your life awake. Awake to the fact that there is something more than this physical flesh and mundane mediocrity of existence - and as you desire to know more you will step on to the path of know thyself- perhaps finding it easier to meditate or wanting to learn more tools like astral travel, sanctuary meditation, sacred geometry and daily rituals to strengthen your spirit and will, and maybe even you will want to receive the power of initiation and step onto the path as an adept in the lineage of King Salomon where Life Activation comes from or desire to learn how to do the life activation yourself for others because it helped you so much.  Or not.  Maybe the life activation just helps you find some peace and direction - it will give you a compass so you can find your True North if you look.  

Want to talk more about life activation or book a session, or find a practitioner in your area?  Reach out.  I can help with that! 

Until next time my friends remember - you must know where you are going to get anywhere, and the path of know yourself is a sure way to find your True North and your road to an abundant and joyful life.