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Laws of Abundance

Dec 31, 2021

Listeners, I would like to give you the gift of actual MAGICK this New Year. MAGICK to help bring your New Year goals into fruition - MAGICK to resolve and live the life of your dreams in 2022 and beyond. Magick doesn't involve childhood fairy tales or Walt Disney fantasy but aligns with the scientific laws of abundance and the logical flow of the universe around you.  So, what is this “magick?”  Why do I spell it with a K? What does a magickal life entail and how does this relate to laws of the universe and abundance? Once upon a time, I believed with enough hard work you could control all outcomes in life. I fastidiously controlled what went into my body and who I was physically around. I had to because I had such sensitivity to other people (I didn’t know I was empathic) and had hidden panic attacks and anxiety. Spontaneity was only for moments of self-medicated freedom - yet even those were still carefully controlled and curated within containers to ensure bad decision-making didn’t leak out and spoil my future. I had no one to rely on but myself, so I couldn’t fuck anything up. This is why I had to control everything, be perfect at everything, manage everything. Thus the hamster wheel continued to spin, but I was a high functioning achievement-oriented person who looked “successful” on the outside.  Then I met these lovely women who told me to chant nam myo renge kyo - I had nothing to lose so I did. I had no idea what the words mean but the vibration, the ritual, the time spent in meditation began to relax something within me.  I felt better, alchemically without any processing. Something was altering my physical body and my mind - thoughts cleared, heart rate lowered, muscles relaxed all with the repetitive rhythm and vibrational frequency of a mantra repeated over and over again. And after a month or so of chanting this every day I began to realize I had been living my life in a self-imposed prison.  It was a prison of unworthiness and of omniscient controllers.  Like a scared beast, I had to stay in my cage because everything outside the prison was unknown and uncontrollable. And little ole me could not dare to ask anything of the universe, I could not request to have my needs met or be noticed. In fact hiding was the preferred method of life because if I was seen it could invite attack. 

I, through a practice of daily meditation and chanting a high vibration mantra transformed myself from a body of fear to a body of creative expression.  I began to put myself out there, to perform poetry and help others do the same.  I started to ask for things from the universe. I articulated my needs and wants and toyed with the concept of being worthy to receive these gifts. 

So back to magick. The definition of magic is the process of creating something from nothing or changing something into something else. Examples of this - to draw letters on a blank piece of paper. Where there was open space there is now a message, a poem, or a song.  To create music, both thru dictating notes on paper using the language of scales and notes or to strum the melody on a guitar or piano. First, there is nothing, then there is something. Or magick is to make a lasagna.  Last night I took noodles, ground sausage, tomato sauce, herbs, and cheese, and with a bit of love, I placed them together in a specific order and thus created a new thing - something from something else. In this case, a lasagna is appropriate for a Garfield the Cat meme. 

So magick in the personal alchemical means the same. In my story, my 18-year-old self took the mantra nam myoho renge kyo and I repeated it, and it changed me from something to something else. It changed my vibration over time from fear to courage and it transformed my life, and awakened me to my true abilities as a creative individual capable of her own acts of magick. 

The Tarot card The Magician (in the traditional Rider Waite illustrations), one hand points up, and one hand points down - signifying “as above, so below, as within, so without”.  On his table sit the 4 elements represented by the Sword/Air, Pentacle/Earth, a chalice i.e. cups/water, and a wand which represents fire. The two major principles of magick - being in balance with the 4 elements in order to manifest, and using the 4 elements to make something from nothing or something into something else.  And principle two- the power of the magician is based on the power of his or her imagination. So as WiTHIN the mind of the magician so shall be WITHOUT as the magician creates it in her physical world. 

So if you can think it, you can create it. In fact to think a thought is to create! Then to use the elements to manifest it into form in the physical world - whether as a result in our life, our body or our environment. 

So, what is the Law of Abundance I am talking about here? Recognition that we all have the power to be The Magician, manifesting magnificent results for ourselves in our lives.  If we can just recognize that the power lies within our life itself. Once you recognize that you are always creating (consciously or subconsciously) you can harness the power to use it consciously and it is only inhabited by our ability to imagine. This is why they are called “self-limiting beliefs.”  The belief (i.e. our lacking of imagining differently) limits us. 

So our job for this law of abundance is twofold.  First clarity of thought - recognition that self equals environment, as within, so without - and engaging in practices that balance clear, and nourish so our within isn’t a cluttered hoarder's house of crap and negative self-talk.  And then two - how do we feed our imagination such that we can envision the things we truly desire and thus physically manifest them or call them into us using the 4 elements of our physical and internal environments. 

So hold the vision - be the container for the creation of the thing or result. Idea (vision), thought (holding the vision), plan (breaking down the steps and using the structure of the universe and its rules), action (doing something in the flow of the universe) = Manifestation i.e Magick! Creating something from nothing, or turning something into something else all sealed with gratitude for the bounty received to reinforce the positive thought loop and create the fertile ground for abundance.  As we reach the end of this year 2021 I bring this season of Laws of Abundance to a close by reviewing these principles of creation that I started with, because these are our building blocks.  Call them magick, call them alchemy, chemistry, science, logic, intuition, hermetics - they are laws of abundance and they affect us regardless if we choose to believe in them.  Just like gravity is real - we stick to the earth and have weight even if we don’t believe it's round and spins in the cosmos.  Just the same you are creating your reality even if you choose to deny this fact.  

These laws are reflected in sacred geometry building blocks around us, in the Fibonacci sequences of stock markets and cryptocurrency, in the light of the sun and moon, the ebb and flow of water in lakes, rivers, and oceans and in your body, and from the body micro and macrocosm of your physical body systems, your aura, and spirit. On this planet we were once nothing but a gleam of passion in two persons' eyes, the magick happens, an egg and sperm meet in a container known as the womb and something happens based on a structure of sacred geometry.  Our DNA literally builds a little human and that physical being is released into the world taking its first breath so it too can become a creator of things in this physical world.  Including the creation of other humans.  But all humans are granted the power of thought, word and act, and imagination to see beyond what is physically in front of them. 

The power to do magick.  The power to create. The power to live a life of abundance in a story of their making. 

This is not about toxic positivity or magical/wishful thinking. This is about looking at the patterns and how things actually work in the universe. And the WORK it takes as a human to figure it out with experience.  

I hope my experiences this year, or those I’ve shared from my life so far have helped you. And I look forward to continuing to learn with you here in this public space in 2022.  And from that place of vulnerability be an example of these laws in my own life.  In the meantime dear listeners - take stock.  You are all magicians creating and manifesting your worlds.  Choose wisely that which you make a reality.