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Laws of Abundance

Jun 24, 2021

From the outside, my 18 year old self looked exceptionally successful for my age. 

I was an honor student, with a full ride academic scholarship to an expensive liberal arts college. I was a creative person, who appeared with my well built masks to be flamboyant and confident in herself, her direction and dreams.  No one knew I was dying inside and so afraid to leave my room everyday without multiple layers of psychological armor.  But I was so afraid. The negative self talk and anxiety was so loud and took up so much room in my life. I didn’t even know there was space for me to exist.  The true me. Me who was not all of those masks.  You follow?

  • A Clear Mind is a Creative Mind
  • A quiet mind is a powerful mind.
  • A quiet mind equals an empowered person and a joyful life. 

I will repeat myself on this topic many, many, many more times over. Ultimately if you have mind clutter it is just as bad as a hoarder's house - there is no room for new thoughts because there are already thoughts piled up to the ceiling. Your thoughts, other people's thoughts, to-do list thoughts, childhood memory thoughts, negative self-talk thoughts, imposter syndrome thoughts, etc… In this hoarder's house of mind cluttered with all these loud boisterous, obnoxious or chirpy or even hurtful thoughts floating around - how can you hear your brilliant higher self thoughts above the cacophony? 

Abundance producing thoughts of godlike wonder and light are covered and hidden because it is too loud in there. There are too many distractions and things and you just can’t discern or hear your true creator voice in the mess. 

So that is why this Law of Abundance is so essential. A quiet mind is a creative mind. Yoda said it. Quiet your mind. Buddha said it about 500 different ways.  Jesus said it. Deepak Chopra says it. All the new age gurus on YouTube and beyond say it.  The Lineage of King Solomon says it and the first and foremost step for anyone on a personal development journey is - Meditation: the practice of quieting the mind.  

Without first meditating and clearing out the noise factory you cannot actually observe what is going on - let alone be open to new wonders of creation that come from your higher self.  And although I’m a guide & teacher in the Lineage of King Solomon, sharing tools from an over 3000 year old path - of which the #1 tool is meditation - you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just Google  “benefits of meditation” and see what comes up.  There is study after study that shows people who meditate are more healthy, productive, creative and happy than those who do not meditate. This is one of the many areas where science and metaphysics and spiritually completely agree. 

Meditation - the act of quieting and observing the mind, makes you better at life, and allows you to have and create more abundance. 

Why it works is because it clears the mind chatter of the subconscious and collective consciousness out of your way. So you can simply tune in to source, to your high self, to you, to your positive ego. By tuning into the quiet pond of stillness within you releases the hoarder's house of funk in your mind that keeps you trapped in FEAR and monkey mind, you break the cycle of autonomous programming that puts you on repeat. You release the pen up energy of anxiety. 

As  a Kabbalist we say “you empty your cup” as a Buddhist we say we bow to your buddha nature and get past your fundamental darkness that keeps you blind.  As a spiritual guide I say “you tap into the Holy Spirit - the collective consciousness of higher selves of humanity.” And when all you can hear is quiet - the matrix machine of manufactured stories is turned off. Then and only then you can hear yourself. Know the truth, and like Neo who stepped out of the matrix you can learn your true power and create unabashedly in a multidimensional way because you will be flowing abundance of creative energy with true sight, free of limiting beliefs. 

I admit it wholeheartedly, I am a meditating pusher. It is a possible thing for a human being to do daily.  It saved my life when I was 18 years old. I had severe social anxiety and an eating disorder, because the only thing I thought I had control over was my body. And I was slowly killing myself, not eating, medicating myself with marijuana to function.  Then I started meditating and chanting nam myoho renge kyo daily when I met these lovely young women who told me about it.  They said it helped them be happier.  So I tried it.  I was miserable, I had nothing to lose.  

Then I started chanting and meditating and my first big epiphany that ultimately saved my life was this “ You have the right to breathe. You can take up space in this world.”  In other words, you Angel, a unique being on this planet - feel free to move about this world, by the very nature of your existence.  

My higher self started with the fundamentals for me. I told me what I needed to hear. “You have the right to exist and take up space in this world.” And from that point forward I began to grow into the multidimensional renaissance woman that I am today.  All because every day I go to the quiet pond and I get to know myself. I call in my true self. I clear away the thought clutter and I allow my higher self to speak to me. 

Anyone listening to this - entrepreneur, creative artist, business owner, fellow attorney (especially attorneys, please listen we have so many weights on our shoulders because of our profession), moms, corporate ladder climbers, whoever you are, whatever labels you identify with, whatever you are trying to do with your life. If you start daily with a little bit of meditation and a quiet mind it is going to help you. There are actually think tanks out there that only work with people who meditate because they are a better investment. 

So alright angel - you might be saying, I buy it but “I can’t meditate, I’ve tried and I’ve failed countless times.” So to this I call Bullshit. And I encourage you to try again with some assistance. There are so many meditation apps available now, and daily on the interwebs there is someone out there in my spiritual lineage teaching the max meditation system. The max meditation system is an easy to do , introductory method of meditation that anyone can do and everyone will at some point in the 30 min to 60 min session  will reach a meditative brain wave state.  

The max meditation system was developed by Founder Gudni Gudnason and Ipsissimus i.e. fully actualize human benign and one of my mentors on the planet today. He is a lineage holder for the lineage of King Solomon and the Founder of the Modern Mystery School International - the school that I go to to pursue study of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah and learn other energy and healing means I choose to learn for myself and others. Founder Gudni combined eastern and western means of meditation in a specific order to allow people to achieve the state of actual meditation. The 5 steps lead you naturally there and all you have to do is follow the voice of the meditation facilitator. The method works for everyone. I promise. 

Another means to meditate is to chant nam myoho renge kyo. It might feel weird to chant words you don’t understand over and over again, but the energy and vibration of the mantra is purifying and raises your chi and your vibration such that you clear the mind clutter and positive energy and creative energy come into your life.  One just needs to look at the exceptionally productive and impactful life of Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International to see that Nam myoho renge kyo is a wellspring of light and joy for one who chooses to use it.  And I have been lucky to be able to study and listen to his prolific words for the past 25 years of my life to learn from him as a mentor and another example of what a fully actualized human being can do if they quiet the mind, open the heart and live from their highest self. 

Chanting and quiet meditation through systems offered in the organized spiritual system of the Soka Gakkai or the Modern Mystery School International have been my way to access the quiet pond - to get to my abundance creator goddess self so that I can live my life as the protagonist of my story.  I make my reality because I choose to meditate and learn and lean into my power.  I offer them as means that are out there - and also to be completely direct that I have used schools of thought with structure to find my path, because structure is necessary for creation. Learning a discipline and practicing it is a means to freedome  And I share because Both are organizations that have been slandered as cults and pervoyers of mind control and other abuses of their members - Founder Gudni, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissmus Hideto _______ were recently been accused of being leaders of a sex cult, and Daisaku Ikeda has been arrested multiple times for attempting to propogate the way to reach buddhahood in this lifetime.  To this I just want to note that Jesus too was persecuted because he was speaking the truth.  A truth that leads individuals to their source, their higher self, their power, their empowerment - which is dangerous.  An empowered person is not a controllable person.  A person who is aware that they create their own reality is a threat to those who prefer that humans remain sheeple. So I pose this - if someone is truly showing people how to be free, how to think for themselves, how to hear their own voice and tap into their highest human potential and power - is not there being attacked by the powers that be, the powers that prey on sheeple, a sign that what they are saying truly powerful and good for the sake of humanity?  

This is a topic for a whole other podcast episode and I will likely revisit it sooner than later, but for now I just want to put it out there.  As I do not want anyone to google the Modern Mystery School or the Soka Gakkai and think I am brainwashed by not one but two cults because of what some drama creating tabloid writer has posted on the internet.  And honestly if you do think I’m brainwashed - you aren’t listening to me at all.  I’ve created my world because I am an independent discerning thinker who meditates and practices gratitude and love everyday of her life.  I chose a path and methods practiced by others because I find discipline freeing and it produces results.  I, like a scientist, tested the methods in my life and like the results they have offered me after days, months, years and decades of daily practice.  

So let’s switch gears here for a second.  Even more real talk. I am an attorney who volunteers on the front lines of social justice assisting with the Housing Justice Project here in Seattle. I've been trying through my work for the past 15 years to prevent homelessness, using the means my legal education, and my spiritual education have given me. As I have these skills I take responsibility where I can to attempt to help solve the problem.  

What does this have to do with meditation?  The human condition today is a melee of angry, sad, crisis ridden thoughts. People are in different states of victim and energy expending loops of futility. But even when I’m sitting with a person facing down the crisis of possible homelessness I always encourage them. Not by feeding the fire of Victim, but by having us take a deep breath and look at where, from the quiet mind (as best as we can get there in the moment) they have a choice and power in the situation. And maybe, that place is only their own personal reaction to what is going on around them, and/or to the person who may be wronging them.  If we can reach that perspective in the now - it will turn off the reactionary mind and you can create choices that empower and help you even in the face of multiple crappy choices.  

So please, for the sake of the endeavors you want to create, for your own personal abundance, and the greater good of humanity I encourage you to start finding a way to meditate. If even 2% of the world is able to find a way to access their higher self and wake up to their power, there will be a quantum shift in the collective consciousness and the whole world could awaken. This is a principle in quantum physics, not religion.  Look it up. 

In the meantime - there is a free 15 minute quiet pond meditation on my website.  Go there, watch it, download an App like Calm, go out to a meditation in your area, watch a guided meditation online. If you are completely stuck - reach out! I can help with that!

Remember a  quiet mind is a creative mind. 

A quiet mind is a powerful mind.

A quiet mind equals and empowered person and a joyful life. 

Meditation is like magic. You will create something from the nothing of the quiet mind.