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Laws of Abundance

Jun 10, 2021

Alright my listeners. Real talk time. Let’s talk about an essential law of abundance - cattle. Wait what? No, I mean the nourishment of cattle. Wait what? What I actually mean is the nourishment of the source of your abundance.  Which in ancient times was in fact, at least in ancient Norse society was signified by whether or not you had cattle for your family - because cattle was a source of nourishment - milk, cheese and meat could be had if you had cattle.  But cattle require feeding and care for them to keep giving to your family. In other words they require nourishment - so if you ignore and don’t care for them your source of nourishment/abundance dies.

This concept of abundance is so rooted in Indo-European culture that the Rune Stone that stands for Abundance, known as Fehu-pictured on my YouTube channel. Fehu is called "mobile property" or cattle.  And the type of wealth the rune refers to is abundance that occurs through nourishment and sharing. 

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Fehu states: “Wealth be by all very much welcomed, each man shall deal it freely, if he will from the lord.” 

And the Havamal verses 78-79 states ”Full stocked folds had Fitjung’s sons who bear now a beggar’s staff.  Wealth is brief as the wink of an eye of friends most false. The unwise man, if he should get wealth or woman’s love, his arrogance grows but not his sense, on he goes, deep in delusion. 

The gist of all this is that wealth & abundance is something to be cared for & nourished and guarded but not greedily hoarded, nor should it be taken for granted such that one believes they are assured of it forever. Put another way, the fruits of the earth cannot ever be owned, they are loaned to us only, to be used productively and shared with others. 

True abundance is the wealth the soul gains from a life well lived.

So, at the end of the day the kind of wealth represented by the concept of cattle is the kind that grows when cared for and is shared with the community, and can produce more wisely when invested. 

So, the essential law of abundance at play here is a concept of nourishment so that resources grow and can be shared. In modern society wealth is represented not by cattle, but by money. Money is just symbolic of energy. Money energy is a source of power money held too tightly does nothing, money used wisely can grow more money and shared -  can allow communities and families to prosper. 

So, today’s version of "cattle" - money can still be cared for and nourished and similarly if cared for it can in turn nourish a family and community just like the milk of a cow could help a family thrive in ancient northern societies.  

So, all of this being said, ultimately the law of abundance truly at play here is an energetic notion of Care. We must take care of a thing, or we must take care of energy, we must take care of beings on this planet, we must take care of our cattle, money, people and care in the act of sharing with others to ensure the greater good of the community is benefitting from the abundance created. 

There is also one more type of abundance/nourishment here that contributes to abundance for an individual and this is the nourishment of the self. Self care. One must take care of the self. 

If one is to be an abundance person you need to be taking care of yourself. You need to have the energy and space and clarity to create in your life and all of this stems from taking care of and nourishing the self. Fundamental self care like meditation, exercise and eating right as well as metaphysical and spiritual self care like getting the healing you need through energy work, tarot or runes, astrology or religion - as well as the healing you need through sessions with a counselor or coach or spiritual guide. 

If you are not taking care of yourself you will burn out and not succeed in maintaining abundance or creating abundance for you and your family. All burn out does is create ill feelings, martyrdom, pain and suffering in the physical body etc. Burn out ends marriages, quits jobs in anger, and destroys avenues of growth. It is the same as starving your cattle or squandering your money. It results in less for you and your community.  As you have nothing left for yourself or your community to share since you have not cared for it. 

So, today’s law of abundance is just this, wealth must be nourished, this rule applies both to the self and to property. 

I can say that self care is one one of the reasons that I, as a lawyer, have been successful at maintaining my positive attitude and diverse practice for all of these years.  I have a strongly rooted practice of self-care. I have been meditating since I was 18 years old, and acting in service to others via Buddhist and Energetic means for just as long. My work as a Guide in the Lineage of King Solomon is both self care and service to humanity. 

Self care ensures that I am mentally, emotionally and physically nourishing myself first. So I can be available to share my energy with others, but self care gives me abundant energy to share. And as a result, I have abundant energy to produce! And I do not burn out because although I’m busy, I’m practicing self care and nourishing myself. And this is why I can be a lawyer, a guide, a teacher, a project manager, a supportive partner, a good friend, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a volunteer in my community, and I create for my communities and I don’t burn out. 

  • So, where are you taking care of yourself?
  • What are your self care routines?
  • Are they missing?
  • How does this look in your life and your ability to create?
  • How are you nourishing your proverbial cattle?
  • Is your business being nourished? Is your family wealth being tended?
  • Or is the herd looking a little hungry? 

First, start with yourself.  Meditate, pray, go for a walk, clear your head. Reach for a glass of tea or water instead of wine or a cocktail. Make yourself a meal, eat with your family with your phone put away. Try a healing or a class you are interested in. Tell your partner you love them. Write in your gratitude journal. Do all of these things first, then look towards your community and the action you can take to nourish the wealth you see there.  Need some help in any of these areas - business, family wealth building & nourishing, personal well-being - I can help with that!

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