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Laws of Abundance

Mar 26, 2024

It is time to go down a rabbit hole, my friends. The Rabbit and the Hare are both symbols of abundance, fertility, the womb, the moon, rebirth, and the goddess - and in this month of Ostara (Vernal Equinox) and Easter, when I am releasing this 3rd installment of the 3rd season of my podcast in the 3rd month of the year the symbol of the triple goddess, the trilogy, and the triple rabbit known as the Triskele (spelled out T R I S K E L E) is front and center in my consciousness.  

The Triskele, the symbol of the triple rabbit or three hares, features three rabbits running in a circle and their ears join in the center to make an equilateral triangle. This symbol transcends religions found in Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Celtic/Nordic traditions. It's found on a cave wall in China and drawn on rocks in Germanic and Celtic stones, and found within Christian churches in the British Isles. Like many symbols, it has been adopted by religion, but not really religious, as religion is really the new kid on the block - symbolism goes back much further into the primordial origins and archetypes of humans. Symbols are the sacred geometric building blocks of the universe - circles, squares, and triangles. All things are built on, and with these 3 shapes and sacred geometry is the stuff upon which all material comes into formation. I told you we were going down a rabbit hole and here we go - if you look at the Triskele in Celtic illustrations the rabbits running in circles are often replaced by spirals - the spiral is the Fibonacci Sequence and the pattern that fractals, flowers, snails, trees, crystal and all life grows in. In other words, the triple rabbit is the fibonacci sequence, the sacred geometric pattern of all life. 

So, my three rabbits running in a circle with a triangle in the center represent life itself. The kingdom of heaven is embodied in this flesh, for I am the kingdom, the power, and the glory. Amen. (singing a little) "Jesus Christ Superstar… do you think you are what they say you are?" I share this Andrew Lloyd Webber lyric to make a point - Jesus, our celebrated riser from the dead at this time of year (symbolizing the resurrection of the earth from winter and all the cycles of rebirth and fertility that come at the vernal equinox), DID know EXACTLY what he was and was trying REALLY REALLY hard to get the rest of us humans at the time to listen. We are spirit embodied in this flesh. The glory and power of divine energy is held within this physicality. Thus, all the power of a god to manifest miracles can come forth from within each and every one of us. Spirit is symbolized with a triangle, as is fire. The fire of alchemy, the transformation from muck to gold. From this mundane flesh to spirit. To be enlightened is to sever the attachment to this physical body, being ALL that we are and are meant to be in this life. Yes, our physical bodies are built from sacred geometry; just look at the double helix of our physical DNA and then at the glyph of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. But that just means our spirit is currently contained in our flesh, not that we are only this flesh and blood. 

Our journey in this lifetime, and what Jesus was trying to teach us, is that we can create miracles in our lives if we believe we are and choose to truly know ourselves as God. We need to know ourselves as divine beings capable of manifesting the life of purpose we want to live. But no one but ourselves can know yourself as this divine being. But once we choose to know ourselves as divine, as spirit, as a creator of our life - ignorance of our larger universal power cannot be taken away. The fundamental knowledge of the self as divine spirit opens the gate to the kingdom of heaven (not some place in the clouds with angels playing harps). Still, you reclaim your crown as the sovereign of your life and create a kingdom of joy, light, and abundance for yourself, your family and your community. And this is how we are going to create peace on earth. Like the church hymn. "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

Shambala is a world where humans have actualized themselves, awakened to the possibility that they are the creator God of their life and are living that daily. They are treating themselves as a God and thus treating others as a God. If you know and love yourself as a divine and worthy being, you can know and love another as a divine and worthy being. Even if that divine being makes choices that harm you. You can forgive those who harm you because they know not what they do. They are ignorant that they are God and that they are harming another god. They are ignorant that they have a choice in what they are doing.

Okay, some of you may now think I've fallen off my proverbial rocker with this rabbit hole. I've gone from three rabbits running in a circle to sacred geometry, Jesus Christ Superstar, and You are God. Yep—and now we are going to talk about the Easter Bunny. Jesus Christ, Angel. Yep, Exactly. 

In my research about rabbits and hares, in an attempt to find some creative take on talking about Abundance Mindset or fertility, I went down a small hole little road about the Oschter Hare, i.e., The Easter Hare or i.e., the Easter Bunny to which many today attributes to the myth of Ostara or Eostre turning a bird into a rabbit and the rabbit laying eggs to show its gratitude to the goddess. This legend is pretty recent (like the late 1800s), but as synchronicity would have it, one article I read quoted a story from an April 13, 1911, Warren, Minnesota newspaper. My mother is from Warren, Minnesota as was her mother and father, my maternal grandparents George and Agnes Sabol. My grandparents were both from prolific Catholic families with 12 and 13 siblings at once. They were farmers of the midwestern plains, stoic and practical - but seeing the date of 1911 I wondered if either of them (George or Agnes) saw the article when they were growing up and if either of them ever believed in the Easter bunny. Ironically, Warren is the name of a home for rabbits - I learned this as a little person reading Watership Down, which isn't a book for children. However, I was not a normal child, and I picked up most of what Richard Adams was lying down with his rabbit allegory. 

 The quote from the 1911 Warren, Minnesota newspaper article reads. 

"The Easter Bunny is said to have been a bird which at one time drew the chariot of the goddess of spring and was turned into a hare. Every year, however, at the coming of spring, the hare remembers and in commemoration of its original bird nature lays eggs as an offering to spring & youth that it symbolizes." 

I never really believed in the Easter Bunny, but I did enjoy the tradition of the basket and the chocolate that was found there on Easter Sunday morning. I'm still not a fan of Cadbury eggs to this day (too sweet) but Easter Candy makes me think about my grandmother Agnes and going to church. (I'd always stuff my pockets with easter candy when brought to church on easter, and the chocolate would melt and get all over my hands, to my grandmother's great dissatisfaction). My grandmother loved to sing hymns. I think when she sang in church, it was one of the few times she felt joy in her life - because at that moment, she could connect with God within and without and be in the light, free from the sorrow of a life pockmarked with abuse, alcoholism and pain caused by untreated stomach and emotional maladies. I loved to watch her sing even if I hated being in the church because I knew it was her happy place, and nowhere else was.  

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my grandmother Agnes. When you are a really young woman, and you watch one of your primary caregivers so miserable that they drink themselves to death, it sticks with you. And I know now that she suffered from the side effects of being sexually abused as a small child and other untreated trauma. But sorrow is not the only thing I learned from my grandmother Agnes. I knew the power of planting seeds and nourishing the world around you. She was a master gardener, and her plants were prolific. She was the living embodiment of The Empress archetype or the abundant mother goddess Lakshmi, as everything she touched grew abundantly, and she fed her family from her bounty. On an income of nothing but social security, my family never had food insecurity. There were vats of sauerkraut, beets, asparagus, fresh beans, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, and raspberries all summer long, and pickles and canned things all winter. The men brought home the venison, and the women waited in line for government cheese and agricultural subsidies. We were financially poor but we were neither hungry nor lacking, ever. There was always enough money and prosperity to give to the church and to celebrate all holidays and birthdays. All of our needs were met.

And we always sang. Sang in church. Sang when picking the beans. Sang when making a lemon meringue pie. And when singing, she knew joy, and we always had enough. And this is true abundance - joy in knowing you are spirit, resting upon gratitude and celebration of what you have even if it is not perfect, even sometimes if it is very far from ideal. When we can have true gratitude for everything we have and celebrate it and our life, we can be in a space of true joy and flow abundance in all aspects.  

In some ways, it is just that simple. It is a rabbit laying eggs to celebrate spring and show gratitude to the goddess when it remembers it was once a bird. It is recognition that we are something way bigger and greater underneath this flesh. It is remembering who we truly are. We are spirit. We have never been born, and we will never die as spirits. And by remembering who we are we tap into the universal knowing, into the flow of life itself, and we start to create and love and experience joy - and thus take steps to nourish ourselves and others holistically - not just our physical bodies so we can step out of survival mode/lack mentality and instead see beyond lizard brain and switch into thriving/ abundance mindset where there is always enough. We run not away from things but towards things or for the joy of the wind in our hair or the feeling of using our legs where we gain the courage to create new pathways to plant new seeds in our life for new experiences versus settling for comfort zones.

So, our exercise for this month is to plant a seed of joy in your life and to celebrate an accomplishment to nourish that joy with song and dance. 

First, meditate and get clarity on one thing you want to create for yourself by August (1st Harvest/Lammas). You will have four months to nurture this seed. Write down what you want to create on a slip of paper. Now, take this piece of paper outside and find an appropriate place to plant it on the earth. You will dig up a little bit of soil and plant it, just like you would a natural seed. 

After you bury it, you will nourish that joy seed with the water and fertilizer of your song and dance. You are going to celebrate unabashedly with complete silliness around the seed. Sing your favorite song or hymn, or make up a ditty and dance around the joy seed at least three times. But I encourage you to do even more than 3, work up a sweat! Get into it! Make yourself laugh at yourself. Belt that song out of those lungs and celebrate life, what you have accomplished, and what you can do as a divine being. You are the creator of your destiny. You are the rabbit who can lay eggs because you remember who you truly are! Dance in that circle, nourish your joy and grow in abundance. You are the nurturer, the God, the goddess; you are the spirit! You can create miracles. The kingdom of spirit is embodied in your flesh. Dance it out. Make that seed grow, sprout, and blossom into abundance throughout your life. You got this. Have fun with it! Light that alchemical fire of joy in your heart. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little circle down a rabbit hole today, my friends. May you have a joyful spring, a blessed Ostara, a happy Easter, and a prayer-filled Ramadan. If you need a little assistance planting seeds of abundance and nourishment in your life, I can help with that! Reach out via my website and book a call today.