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Laws of Abundance

May 21, 2021

Creation requires structure. 

Wait Angel, what you’re saying, you already told me in the last episode, that creation needs a container. This is the same thing. What’s the difference?

Structure – container.

Container – structure.

Great, I get it. Well, to that I say we have to back up a little bit and recognize that they are different things.

A container is the walls that hold the raw material – the structure is the shape of that container – or the rules for what the container makes. Does every egg make a chicken? No. some eggs produce turtles, others make seagulls – the structure of that egg (the container) results in the shape of its creation – the type of bird or reptile that crawls out.

Similarly, every womb of a mammal does not make a human - our DNA is our structure, and every human is unique – so that rulebook of the DNA strands creates the humans and all that you see in the world today – and as we learn to work with DNA we can create improvements to the structure of that human. 

More simply, we can look at crystals. They are all minerals – but dependent on their structure they have different shapes and colors – a rose quartz grows in a different structure than Jasper. An emerald grows different than Jade. Or let’s look at a cauliflower – it grows in fractals, but white cauliflower looks very different than its cousin Romanesco with its pointy clear fractalated structure. But both grow from a very similar looking seed!

In human society, many countries are made with charters or constitutions, but the structure that document lays out is very different – thus the United States has different political structures than Canada because our countries were curated with very different structures and the cultures are all very different as a result. 

So, container is the raw material that lays the boundaries (the egg, the womb, the bucket) but the shape the creation takes is made based on its structure. And all creation also needs a structure – going back to my sand analogy – a handful of sand - not much sand gets where you are going because no container. Use a bucket - a lot of sand gets where you are going – but if you just dump the sand out of the bucket – what happens? You have a pile of sand with no structure. You have to mix the sand with water in a container and give it a shape in order to build a sand castle. You have to give it a structure.

Water works the same way. Water is just precipitation and steam until it turns into clouds, or until the earth gives it both a container and shape/structure to make it a river, an ocean or a lake. Water is unique in that it can actually give the earth structure right back because water forms earth, and earth gives water a container – but that is a discussion for another day. Today I think we’ve drilled in this concept of structure.

In the legal realm – the container is the entity – a Trust, an LLC, the structure is created with the words on the paper that make the trust document or the LLC’s operating agreement. These rule books on how the entity works and operate are its structure. The United States Constitution – is the rulebook for how the US as a country operates. Heck, the rule book for the National Football League is what creates the structure of the American football season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Without these structures we do not have anything. We have chaos or the proverbial pile of sand. 

This is why endeavors that do not have a plan do not succeed. They need a structure – you can have a goal but if there is not a step-by-step or even an agreed set of rules (aka a structure) to reach that goal you have chaos, even if well intended. But you need the lanes for the flow mapped out or no one will row in the same direction and you will not ever get where you are going. The lanes for the flow of the work to complete are the structure. Thus, enabling the result to come into being. The essence behind the science of cloning is about finding a way to make the exact copy of another organism’s structure.

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